boywithmouthguard350pMouthguards are made from heavy duty, flexible, hard-wearing vinyl or laminates. Various colours are available.

Professionally fitted mouthguards greatly reduce the chances of tooth damage or painful laceration of lips and mouth. Mouthguards can also assist in absorbing the impacts which can result in a damaged jaw and concussion.

All persons who are engaged in sporting activities, where injury to natural teeth or jaw is a possibility, can minimise the risk by wearing a well fitting mouthguard.

Professionally fitted mouthguards do not make breathing difficult.

Prevention is better than cure

Different Types of Mouthguards

There are a variety of mouthguards available these days, but basically they fall into 2 different groups: Those that are off the shelf and those that are custom made.

Mouth-formed of the Shelf Mouthguards

These mouthguards come as a shell-liner and “boil-and bite” products. The shell is lined with an acrylic or rubber, then placed in an athlete’s mouth, the protector’s lining material moulds to the teeth and is allowed to set. The lining of the “boil-and-bite” mouthguard is immersed in boiling water for 10-45 seconds, transferred to cold water and then adapted to the teeth.

While they are less expensive than custom-made guards, the fit is not as good and they generally do not last as long. If you choose a shell-liner or a boil and bite mouth guard you will most likely find some interference with breathing and talking will be very difficult. This is because they do not fit well and tend to come loose when the mouth is opened.

Custom Made Mouthguards

mouthguardmould350pThis is the best type of mouthguard, it is custom-made by your Dental Prosthetist, (You do not need a referral to visit a Dental Prosthetist) or Dentist. It offers the best protection, fit and comfort level because it is made from a cast of your teeth – to fit your teeth. An impression is taken of your mouth, the mouthguard material is vacuum formed on the model and then hand trimmed to provide a comfortable fit.

There are different types of custom mouthguards, depending on the type of material used from high-end such as Pro-form to less expensive types. You should ask the person making the mouth guard what kind they use and your decision should be made on need and budget.

Custom Fit Mouthguard Advantages:

Oxygen – for maximum performance and endurance.

Speech – for clear communication on the field.

Comfort – natural and secure fit

Protection – maximum impact dispersion and protection against tooth damage.

Professional Fit – made for a perfect fit to any size mouth

Cool styles & colours!

Cleaning and storage

The best way to clean mouthguards is by rinsing under cold running water after use. They can be brushed very lightly with a soft brush. They should be stored in a vented plastic container and kept away from heat and sunlight.

Mouthguards are subject to rebates for eligible patients covered under Dental Health Funds.


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