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Full Dentures

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Most dentures are made with good, basic, quality teeth and little or no characterization or personalisation in the positioning of the teeth and the shaping of the pink acrylic supporting the teeth. These dentures are still good and functional – but they do sometimes have that “denture look”.



For those of you who have worn dentures for many years relining a denture may be a procedure you are familiar with.

Reline procedures have evolved, and sometimes what you have your denture lined with can be as important as when.

Mouth Guards


Mouthguards are made from heavy duty, flexible, hard-wearing vinyl or laminates. Professionally fitted mouthguards greatly reduce the chances of tooth damage or painful laceration of lips and mouth. Mouthguards can also assist in absorbing the impacts which can result in a damaged jaw and concussion.

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Registered Dental Prosthetist & Dental Technician

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Registered Dental Prosthetist & Dental Technician

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